How do I restrict users from logging out of their profile?

    • In the Preferences menu tab, you can choose to restrict users from logging out of their Profile.

    • In most cases, requiring a password to log into a Profile provides strong enough security. However, the logout options can increase security, should you require it. There are four options available:

      • No password required: Users do not need to enter a password to log out of their current profile. This is the recommended option.

      • Require profile password: To log out of a profile, users or their administrators must enter the same password that was used to login. (If a Profile has the “No password” option enabled for login in the General tab, they do not need a password to log out even if Require Profile Password is selected.)

      • Require Profile Manager password: With this option enabled, users must have their administrator enter the Profile Manager password to leave any Profile.

      • Require this password: To choose a custom logout password that is different from both the profile password and the Profile Manager password, select this option and enter the custom password. Users must enter this password before they can log out of a profile.